Saturday, July 16, 2011

Forgiveness • Flowers

It is regretfully very clear that my last post was unnecessarily disturbing to many friends and family who read news of the MRI I had to have for the small numbness of my little left toe- and that the initial selfishness of wanting attention has brought me more than I could have ever hoped for but not in the way I wanted- I am very sorry for causing undue worry or stress for any one who read the blog this week- I apologize to Obie and Sharron and the Blagraves, etc. and for posting in a big public forum without personally letting loved ones know before-hand. Pretty thoughtless-
So here is a bouquet of garden flowers to help make amends!! I love you all so very much and learned a very valuable lesson- I hope you have all been relieved- and yes the MRI was done yesterday (Friday AM) and was over in a blink and didn't cause me any harm—and if it makes my doctor feel more confident that he is doing his job then okay…  Please Enjoy the FLOWERS!!!

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