Monday, July 4, 2011

Uncultivated—another wilderness

The white wild morning glories are currently covering much of the uncultivated fields and byways between Denver and Boulder- responsible for blankets of white as far as the eye cares to see. Our own garden's wild corner is overrun with delicate twinning black-green vines and white poppyish, sun-loving blossoms, alive for the day. The black cat so difficult to photograph is awash in their glow this morning!

I'm happy as can be for the luck of finding the breast cancer restorative yoga class here in Denver! Taught by a former San Francisco ballet member, and ballet teacher Susan Holbrook.  Susan, is another native Californian, but we are just far apart enough, in age, to have missed each others' late 70's bay area terpsichore. Still our backgrounds in body development, placement and practice couldn't be more over-lapping or simpatico. 4 or 5 times a week she gathers a small group of women with breast cancer- including herself! into her lovely and lilliputtin studio for an hour and a half of direct relating to our chests, and new selves! The Healing Chest
The class starts with floor exercises, stretching, alignment, centering, and core strengthening exercises. We move to our feet face the floor to ceiling mirrors and see ourselves.  I spent 8 solid years in a dance studio everyday before the mirror, and never had I seen myself so deeply compassionately as I did this past Thursday when I looked at the great asymmetry of my shoulders, in a way I can't see at home in my little bathroom vanity. It was very moving. To be in a room with only breast cancer survivors was perfectly comforting. Where it becomes increasingly clear- possibly what we may have 'lost' is countered with a very deep gain…a gain we will discover unfolding over the entire remainder of our lives. Something about fearlessness…


I can't wait for my next class- so, the word restaurant comes from the word 'restaurer' which means 'to restore'. Restorative Yoga—Restaurant work, last night I dreamt I was so far in the "weeds" trying to serve the geriatric assembly of coffee drinkers, that the customers where actually helping me out!  " In the Weeds", my morning glories, my integrative wholeness, restorative yoga, a spiral return to the dnace/mirrors—nothing left out. Keeping it wild, fine black hairs sprouting on the uncultivated field of my head!

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