Thursday, January 27, 2011

Your love pours in

The love pouring in is so intense and palpable I stand like a withered willow tree bursting into bloom in mid-winter! Every ripple from every drop of this love like rain falling onto and merging into the very veins of my experience—from each of you, my family of fiercely devoted friends. May this over-flowing refuge circle out to every being, friend, foe and in-between- and may this very same conjoined love return to each of you a thousand-fold even as the edges of our sea meet our earth completely and my body opens and swells with your healing waves—every thirst/fear relieved… palms together I am strengthened beyond words…thank you dear loved ones

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Beth Penalty said...

the only thing annoying about your cancer is trying to log into this blog. (smiles) I love you so much and I'm so, deeply, into this journey. what I was trying to say... many, many times ago with seven new emails and now I believe I am twittering you? SUPER PRIVATE, right? (ef you blogspot) ANYHOO. this isn't about my problem with the particular entrance into your personal blog. this is about YOU and your journey.

(deep breath) love you. want more medical information. i'm sickly into detail and must be kept abreast.. on. everything. twitter if you have to.... want.more.facts.