Monday, April 11, 2011

Reverie for the second infusion

This is an experience of being on the inside of an envelope. I know it is hard for my friends and family to remain as they must on the outside. But the love and gracious kindness and prayers and thoughts and gifts and food and flowers and cards keep me in my interior place warm, not dry and supple. 
I have very little energy but had recorded this Elegy of Rilke's (the 8th), back in early December —before the reality of cancer, but somehow I heard a faint premonition, a forwarding in time and hope in this recording today - that seemed fitting, and timely and so I offer it up with some of my images that I worked with this past year, to say to each of you- thank you for holding the envelope of me in your own hands…and be amazed by the day!

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