Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Bosom Buddies

This morning has glory all over it!

japanese silk print
morning glory pattern

jaguar woman print

Jo Self, Morning Glories, painted from the Dalai Lama's Garden

Well, I'm finally seeing the crack of dawn through the velvet night of cancer, ready to plan for the future, begin the return to living in the world at large, all is being completely reinvented, and it is glorious! **
[chem-3 fallout was co-mingled with the highest teachings of meditation in the Mahamudra retreat last week-end, nothing will ever be the same]

I'm feeling much much stronger than ever in months and months today] and-so I stand up, back to the future— I have had a dream to have a breakfast cafe all my life, and a few weeks ago when I was lifting back into life from chemo # 2, I had a true vision one morning of the whole enterprise in vivid detail display itself in my "mind's eye" as the saying goes, and so in an almost mystical chemo-floatingness, I drifted down stairs, found Frederic outside in the crystal light of morning, sawing wood for his beautiful home improvement project and said simply: "I want to start a breakfast restaurant." He said with out a single heart-beat of hesitation "OK, honey". Since then, every indication, image, and most importantly every important person in my large circle of important people to my life's structure have given me complete unconditional enthusiastic support. I have 4 weeks to complete my business plan. I have a Letter of Intent from a landlord for the lease space 2 blocks from our house in a very thriving neighborhood (a neighborhood without breakfast or coffee spot)— and the blessing and generosity and backing of two very dear old friends who want to partner as investors!  So many blessings continue to reign and rain down on me. I am so humbled.  The morning glory flower is a tenacious plant, enduring- even thriving in nearly any condition. Wild or cultivated, blossoms open for a single day with brilliant displays of azure sky and white-hot specks of sunlight in their middle. Impermanence perfected!
This entry is dedicated to all you who have endured the cutting, the chemicals, and burns, and are still dreaming, still thrivingly alive, still planning for the future all the while KNOWING more deeply than any other truth, that 'TODAY' is all that is ever given or ever needed, to BE today is ALL, nothing left out! •• 
I dedicate my efforts to realize this dream of mine to create this eatery in which to enjoy the freshness of the dawning day, beholding the morning each new day in it's glory offers us—to all of YOUR dreams, YOU are each my very special blossoming bosom buddies!  Bless you each and all.

Following is a tea recipe shared with me from my friend Anne T. it will be on the menu at MoRNING GLoRY!
Thank you Anne!
The Power of Four
Renee was not greedy with her Essiac Tea recipe. The following four main herbs make up the natural remedy tea for curing cancer:
1. Burdock Root. Traditionally used to:
* Help reduce mucus
* Maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract
* Stimulate a healthy immune response
* Improve weak digestion
* Sweat out toxins through the skin
* As a diuretic for waster retention
2. Slippery Elm. รข€¨
Contains large amounts of tannins and mucilages that are believed to help dissolve mucus deposits in tissue, glands and nerve channels.
3. Sheep Sorrel. Used to:
* Cool the body
* Create sweating and detoxification through the skin
* Nourishes the glandular system
* As a diuretic to maintain healthy kidney and urinary functions
4. Indian Rhubarb Root. 
* Acts as a gently laxative and helps purge the liver of toxic buildup and waste. 
* Helps to neutralize acids due to indigestion. 
* Its malic acid also carries oxygen to all parts of the body.
* Aids in healing and promoting a positive, balancing effect upon the whole digestive system.
Making the tea yourself is quite easy. 
Renee recommended 1 oz. of tea with 2 oz. of water on a daily basis. Furthermore, you don't have to have cancer to benefit from Essiac tea. It is a great preventative measure and a superb detoxifier. 


Kathleen Meredith Cole said...

Elizabeth -- this is the finest, most touching, post of them all. Morning glories have always been my favorite flowers. They are so delicate and sooooo tenacious. The bright blue ones are my favorite color.

It is easy for everyone around us to have hope and the vision of an end to pain, while we are in the thrall of immense struggle. It was easy to feel you were winning, because you are so sweet and strong. You win, you win, you win, you win!

Joy to you, to Frederick ... to the children. Joy to us, your family of friends!

elizabeth said...

Kathleen sweetness is in the eye of the beholder—may every tendril of tenderness twine gently round and make universes of blue glory blossoms upon your kind heart!

Anonymous said...

and.... now I know why I am getting a Morning Glory Tattoo... I THOUGHT it was because my father, with whom I reside, has this lovely garden, and he tends each bloom with such care... but he puts up an umbrella to protect his Morning Glory... every day. Because it is delicate... but it thrives under care. I am so happy for you LIZbieta...I love you so much. Chrissy.