Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Enough to make me smile—the mouth of babes

The following is a beautiful letter/email I just received from my sister in law. My 11 year old niece has written a poem in my honor! 

As if the angels descend to tap me on the shoulder when my doubt is at it's all time highest! Ashley speaks in my ear— thank you Pauline for sharing with me!

Hi Elizabeth,
Ashley's English class has been doing a unit on poetry for the last two
weeks and so today they had to read their poems out to the class and so hers
was for her aunt who has leukemia - when she told me I asked but which aunt
has leukemia and so she said Elizabeth. Anyway, I wanted to share the poem
with you. She said her teacher really liked it and had to wipe her eyes at
the end of it.

I hope you are doing well and feeling a little better and hopefully the
Chemo is over. 

Here is the poem...

Don't Let Their Weakness Bring You Down -

for her aunt who has breast cancer...although she told the class it was for
her aunt who had leukemia...

As you walk through they try to bring you down,
But don't let their voices get in and kill your own sound,
You are strong and can make it through,
You are the one that went straight through the pouring rain,
And followed your heart through the pain,
Why quit when you've made it this far,
Why not stick around and make it through one more battle scar,
In the midst of the black night sky you are the shining star,
Don't quit and fall down on the dark and winding stair,
Just meet the hardship with a stubborn glare,
You must go beneath the burning coal,
Because further down there is a fire in your soul.

I liked it and hope that you will be okay with it. You have had a big
impression on her and we hope all is well!

Lots of love to you,