Friday, March 4, 2011

over the hill and through the woods to Vitamin Cottage we go

When one does metta (translated: "loving-kindness")  practice - one cites a simple prayer directed at ones self, ones closest friends, and family, others whom one knows but not well, example: the mail delivery person, others whom one is aware of but feels neutral such as the persons at a stop sign, on a bus, or people in the check out que with you. Next you include persons whom you may not know, but have ill-will toward none-the-less, example: the driver at the stop sign who cut you off, or Momar Kadafy. And finally, we add in all those whom you know quite well, but whom you have a great discomfort, unease,  or even hatred with, the difficult co-worker/boss, an ex-spouse, or ex-lover, a belligerent neighbor, etc.…

One says simply, quietly always beginning with ones self first:
  • May I/You be happy
  • May I/You be safe
  • May I/You be well
  • May I/you be peaceful, and at ease.
My teacher who often travels abroad loves to practice in airports. There he sits in the tiered rows of seats at the gate smiling gently to himself: … may you be happy, may you be safe, may you be well, may you be peaceful and at ease. Over and over again… he is so high by the time he gets on the plane only half the jet fuel gets used!! The pilots checking and rechecking gauges and mileage chart! Really it's so beautiful. May you be happy… may you be safe…may you………

These days I am focusing on the may you be well, may you be well, may you be well, sentence. I just got home from my first job interview of 2011. Video production manager for internal staff education at VITAMIN COTTAGE!! i love these interviews: The wide pie in the - sky is the limit questions like: 

VC: "What are your goals"?

This is verbatim from interview process

Me: Professionally- "To work for a company, (if I must) that is dedicated to serving the greater good!
Personally- To become more healthy, to invest in more understanding of health as it relates to a greater happiness and well-being for myself, and my family.
may i be well
may you be well
may we be well
VC: Do you take supplements?:
 when was the last time that was on your resume? 
Me: Yes, I take vitamins, fish oil, lysine, vitamin B and C, if I knew more I'd probably take more.

this is where the position i applied for comes in: I would (if elected to serve) be providing the staff of Vitamin Cottage stores the tools via video vignettes and training to approach and engage potential supplement users to try different products that will enhance their health, nutrition, and over all well-being- Education videos!! 
I am just so happy i had this opportunity- No!, i did not tell them I had just had a mastectomy- let's wait until the second interview! 

I loved Jackie, my would-be Training Manager- cute as a button, smart of course with the uber-cool style sqwashed horn rim glasses and long thick black braids down to her waist! Her sweetness and unobscured goodness was almost criminal- Wouldn't it be grand to have chemo and make videos about the supplements that would mitigate the ill-effects of chemo at the same time!!??  I think so-indeed!
[insert] unabashed plug for VC
Shop Vitamin Cottage people! they are the REAL wholesome FOODS, not Whole Foods! For a little taste here is a lovely easy QUICK guide to this month's hot topics- Check out GABA! and eat your vegetables!
may you be happy-may you be safe- MAY YOU BE WELL- may you be peaceful and at ease-

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1stearhrc said...

your story about your master in the airport reminds me of an irish tradition - whenever you see someone who is beautiful, or rich, or talented, always say to yourself 'god bless them' in order to keep away all of the thoughts of jealousy and enmity they have silently thrown their way all day.