Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Real Eyes a post-meditation meditation

You'll disappear one day- not all of you disappears at once but all at once you do begin to disappear, not because you lose yourself in some kind of daydream you forget to wake yourself up from- but more like bit by bit you'll begin to lose parts of yourself. You're sitting up in bed one day and notice, your hands no longer occupy any space below your wrists. There is no pain, no sudden shocking syndrome, just simple sure disappearance of hands. You don't panic, not at first- you just notice—ahem, 'no hands'. Then just within that pure second of noticing "no hands",  snap! There they are! right where you last saw them, manicured or not, clammy or not, cold, rough or recently lotioned, there they are. A kind of rehearsal for invisibility plays itself out in a shudder of awareness not easily replicated.And You forget they were gone. And the amnesia is very deep, it is very real. As far as you are concerned your hands have always been EXACTLY where they are…Of course you disappear a little every day- the cells sloughing off and with each passing hour less and less of those cells lineup to divide and replace the sloughed off ones. Less and less mass, [ some figure less than 1/12 the mass of an atom of carbon of YOU ] disappearing every nano-second, never to be replaced ever ever again. You are one of a kind. You REAL EYES this slowly over time, and that it is true of everyone, and everything. You realize this truth as the truth shared completely with all others, not in theory, but because you experience the disappearances the uniqueness directly. With tenderness, and complete forgiveness you wait it out, this rehearsal of some making…Rilke's bee of the invisible busy at its otherworldy hive, where perfect-invisible honey of the invisible drips from the fingertips of the hands you forgot were gone! Taste it, it's unknowable sweetness will also soon be gone gone gone beyond, gone beyond beyond…

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