Thursday, March 24, 2011

Test Tube friends…forever green

This link letter π  
———Came from Magpie and her raven headed child Aiden- and it is such a perfect watch- 

Aiden showed me this website and video after I said (as all gustatory events allow) a small soliloquy on behalf of Aubrielle's entire 7th grade class's decision to FAST today out of kinship with starving communities around the globe! This morning Aubs, sad eyed and worried about her upcoming fast- said "You know we spend more money in a year on perfume- than on sending food to countries that need to eat?"- Oh the eyes of our babes as they confront the exponential world of numbers!! Bless them! Please Watch!!

I had my 3rd CROWN placed in my eatin' hole this morning- I had had to have an emergency root canal 5 days before I had my breast surgery, and today was the last round in a approximately a 2 year battle to save ( and LOSE) that tooth- I now have so many crowns in my head- The Logo M made up for Fortunes & Charms is a mere shadow of the porcelain gems keeping my teeth afloat- Anyways—— I was there bright and early with Dr. Flores- Yes, I have an amazing dentist whose name means flowers- and she is the belle du jarden of dentistry!! 

After I had energy and drove to the Great Harvest Bakery on Colorado Blvd., where they were just pulling out of the ovens whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread, " too hot to cut". I swooped up a loaf and decided to surprise the Corvis design studio with a treat! M. heard my mournful chemo-woes this week, and I just wanted to reassure her and ALL others- that I was indeed among the moving.

When I arrived- surprise on me, the entire CROUIX family was home on Spring holiday. We ate wrist thick slices of butter sopped bread and the gluten was as fine and textured and springy as any in Paris!! Friends

Later I stopped at Whole PaYCHECK, Foods, bought pine oil, for aromatherapy and the most beautiful specimen of GINGER I've ever seen, for tummy tea- turns out Bach Flower remedies are all in the head- 

and good old essential oils is what I needed! I skipped the ALOE VERA juice - which was the reason I stopped in the first place, because it blatantly advertised ANTI-OXIDENTS- - Least there be confusion- Chemo- is all about the OXIDATION process! Hence the aluminum flavors metallic tongue and galvanization of hinges.

NOTE: Please try this recipe: 
one Fresh Flour tortilla, 
1 table spoon of cream cheese- softened or whipped
smear of butter
6 SNAP PEA® style freeze-dried snap pea snacks (I used Caesar style)

Take one Fresh Flour tortilla wipe both sides with butter and lightly pan warm each side until soft and wimpy- remove from pan to plate- spread a layer of cream cheese
place Snap PEAS® on a row- along the middle, roll up like a tootsie, and careful when your eyes roll up into their sockets cuz it is soooo delish!! Great for a QUICK app OR a potluck!! Seriously!

After a lovely visit, and Whole Foods, I drove past Washington (WASH) Park, and discovered in a sublime moment a hidden (in plain sight) grove of ancient Cypress, Hemlock, THE Pines, Monteray and Douglass, Spruce and Juniper. I sat in an among them, circumnavigating with my Qi Gong breaths, surveying the residue of last nights holocaustic winds. I have found my passion for this season of Chemo- The EVERGREEN. For 6-7 months I've been collecting rag paper and special vellum for some unknown drawing project- 
I know now what blue— what green, what ever green will lay itself down across the bleach white fibres of bristol and Arches, and BFK. Joy! Tears of pure JOY today in the secret wide open forest — the ever joy of ever greening ever blue and green and smells of ever…evergreen
Evidence soon… Enjoy the video I made in our garden- lilacs wind, flags pine and cawwww



1stearhrc said...

hoo boy that ginger looks great!!

Deb said...

That tree is such a graceful beauty. I was taken away to your lovely home and our time of friendship by the wind in the chimes; remembering the prayers we sent out together!
Big Love from Florida!!!