Monday, March 28, 2011

The mother tree

Small canker-like sores on numerous places around my scalp below my right ear and covering the nasals made for uneasy hygiene routine- so off with the hair- it's going to fall out anyway- Much Better. My energy seems to have returned to about 70 % which is just what the nurse said it would, also I'm suppose to be very susceptible to infection- unfortunately poor F. came down with a nasty head cold so we have a system of quarantines going on in the house.  HOT fresh ginger lemon aides with a little Cayenne pepper sauce, and savory sweet potato leek soup- with lots of hot chilies there too- I can't taste much of anything except salt or sugar- I imagine my tongue cells have changed somewhat making those areas of my taste buds very sensitive. Nothing tastes quite right except super bland food- this is okay too. All will pass. in the mean time I'm exploring how much sugar and salt we put, or the food industry puts, into everything- Really it's occurring to me- this is a real health threat- even the most banal things like frozen yogurt from Yogurt Land are way SWEET! Sodas unbearable, chips or snacks of any kind positively puckering. Try tasting an egg without butter, or cheese, or salt, or pepper, or mayo there is a mineral and earthy -ness that says -life.

Aubrielle and went to my secret Forest today-At first she was AWWW Why do we have to g to the secret forest??? Then of course she was climbing the trees- for me, much happiness.
At one point a tree twig fell into my shoe like a polo tassel- and then we find the great mother tree - Its left 'breast' quite notable.


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