Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All the Wisdom in the world…

Can be summed up by a small word with universal dimensions!
JOY! I believe I actually do get it - it's a lot more interesting than rocket science

Of all the Wonders:
I am still being kept afloat by the boundless kindness of hundreds of friends and family-
I hope each and everyone of you dears understand that every petal of every flower, each mouthful of delicious soul-food, every mile crossed to bring me letters, each vowel and consonant tapped into emails, every thought and prayer, each incredible day of help with house chores, every sound of your voices in my ear from the telephone bring immeasurable benefit, healing gratitude from the ten-directions of my newly exposed heart- [where little more than two weeks ago a breast full of cancer rested, today my heart beats visibly like a warm pocket watch in the vest of my contentment.

It's fine to run the numbers and dissect the heart of matter- but when all is said and done- the numeral Uno thing that makes any difference or truly matters is peacefulness, contentment with what is, relaxing, letting go- and enjoying the ride— I begin to see that if I do indeed find myself in the 'infusion-suite' at Kaiser Permanente, at least I will be able to practice metta* continuously there for each one present- the patients, and also the nurses, the doctors, the waiting room attendants, myself— the unseen particles of hope and the filaments of fear-nothing left out,  all of us all the while-
One friend said: " Oh good you can at least use your mind.- I understand it this way- Oh good I'll be of service- I can 'milk' this experience for all it's worth- it's milky whiteness like the energy of the moon pulling tides across the entire planet—the force of love for others the medicine of compassion - all the rest is grist…

*metta": pali for "loving-kindness practice
easy direct description of the practice linked here for all interested

with palms together bowing— be joyful, protected from any kind of harm, at peace and perfectly contented

Love YOU-

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