Wednesday, February 23, 2011

receiving with I hope, the gracefulness in which all graceful blessings arrive

Today has brought another overwhelming cascade of potent blessings:

  • First an early morning email: an associate from several years ago whom I had only a professional relationship to sent this amazing message this morning when she heard my diagnosis. I am  honored she has let me share this message with readers because of its open-hearted sense of community and trust! I have changed the names of her sisters and where they worked to protect her privacy.Thank you to this 'friend' for her courage, caring and compassion, I am so inspired. What better way to transcend boundaries than to look at our lives where they intersect another's - where our stories become medicine for each other and reliving them returns  medicine back to ourselves in an ever-widening, ever-deepening stream of healing.- this is blessing- this is faith.
I am so deeply sorry to hear of your breast cancer.  Well I believe there is a reason why people meet.  In my family my mom had breast cancer and had to go through a double mastectomy (I was the only child home at that time and in high school, made quite an impact on me).   My mother did make it through this in 1971 and lived to 80 years old.   I have two older sisters and both of them have had breast cancer.  With 'Lisa' (teacher in Olympia), she found it while her children were very young and was extremely worried that she wouldn't get to see them grow up.  She had a mastectomy and has been cancer free to see both of her children get through college and start to experience life on their own.  My oldest sister, 'Jane' was a professor at Middlebury had the breast cancer reoccur three times.  The last occurrence was found as she was going to Paris and then to Ireland with some of her post grad students.  She was not as lucky as it spread to her bones and eventually other organs.  It is so hard as breast cancer just doesn't seem to make sense.  The one good thing that occurred while Jane went through her last battle was that her and I actually got to know each other.  She was so much older than me, and had left for a private school in high school resulting in the fact that we never spent time in our parent's house together at the same time (anyway that I could remember).  When this happened to her, I had her flown here to Denver and was able to spend every day of her last nine months with her, and we could share our lives and actually got to know each other as sisters.  It isn't fair as she was only 60 and she had so much more to do.   So far I haven't had to experience it myself, but with my family history I just don't know the future.I wish you all the good fortune for getting through your upcoming chemo.  Each year they come up with so many new findings that I have a good feeling for you and will pray that all goes extremely well.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to help (rides, picking up needed items, talking etc.).  I will be thinking of you throughout this and would love to help in any way possible.
 Thank you so much for sharing.
  • Second I received a card from Anita that has world Goddesses from many different cultures altogether, including- the Black Madonna of Chartes, Virgin of Guadalupe, Tara, and Sophia. I have NEVER seen anything like this and I have seen HUNDREDS of goddess images! Wow! 
  • Third: a book Peter and Margaret " Marion Woodman's Dying into Life : BONE! It terrifies an tantalizes
  • Then more medicine: Integrative Oncology arrives from M & T-  this is along side Dr. Love's book from Cordelia  bookends of balance between western and innovative oncology- I am covered, armed, ready… 
  • Mountain Sun with K. he hands me an arm full of tees  to cover the tits of my whole family with big shining SUN SUN SUNs- thank you K.
  • Finally, yet another very welcome dinner of love from June - an aromatic deep dish lasagna bubbling over with every kind of sustenance love has to offer-also june and I stand in the kitchen tears and sacred sharing- thank you June, you made me believe in the power of sharing my stories.
So thank you to all for an amazingly dizzying delightfully abundant day! with simple GRACE Thank you!

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elizabeth said...

My dear friend Ken left me this message:
Ken wrote: "You know your blog is like having the most intense healing therapy. I look forward to each new installment, as I find myself closer to my soul after every read. I love you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your inner beauty, peace and strength!"

I am truly amazed by how many of my friends and family have supported these writings and when I see over 1000 reads I know there are many following the work I'm doing invisibly but it seems this is a healing a teaching for ALL of us. Just knowing my experience in any way adds some understanding to others , some portion belongs to the reader in their own unique way - their connection is the landing place of my thought arrow as I send them forth I'm nothing but a reporter on the front line sending word back to the company- I'm glad it is of use!