Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blossoming in Winter -26 days from Spring

Next to me, the summer geranium is blooming in winter! It is like receiving a healing and loving kiss from Nature itself. While the days are widening toward the equinox, I feel weirdly glad that the season will be waxing into full bloom as my body will be in temporary wane with cytotoxic drugs which will kill my white and red blood cells, the platelets that keep the blood together as well as new bone tissue, skin, hair, nails and gums/mouth cells AND most importantly any CANCER cells floating around! 

Let the newly emerging narcissus and tiny nymphs of grass be my nails and hair… the geranium my red blood the Shasta daisies - white blood cells…the long stems of the Irises can be my bones and their furling blossoms my mouth- may the early lilacs lend me their fragrances & The earth's dark soil releasing it's energy- providing stamina-  all malignancy, each unwelcome weed of leafy spurge and creeping nettle will be, systematically and meticulously wrested by the roots daily until vanquished.  When the roses bloom, let me wear them like a crown and mantle of health—their petals unfolding in me—a return in summer!

Until then, the earth enjoys quiet final moments of winter—still, at ease, her body turns slowly in sleep preparing for one great moment of equanimity - neither dawn nor dusk greater or lesser-then awake!

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Stephanie said...

thank you, e, for your lyrical prose and absolute bravery.