Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Diatoms galaxies and nerve end/beginnings


It may seem strange I should direct your mind to diatoms and supernovas - cosmic dust- but this is EXACTLY what I was reminded of when I saw the magnetic-resonance images of my breast LACED with CANCER ( i hope I can get hold of those images to share later!!) - CANCER- the constellation of the moon, or crab nebulae; its own animal body looking like a spoked web of carcinoma— there is much to connect- to understand!
… near the same morning as my MRI, where radiant prisms and harmonic pitches took me out beyond the tube into a kind of orchestral rock light show- I heard an interview on Fresh Air with Brian May- I don't believe in accidental convergences- we create the world we live in every nano-second- might as well be an interesting one- not that we "create" phenomena like some narcissist's breakfast - more like our ability or inability being the only limit of what is possible before us- I wonder, if so, can I make it a wide open view-a view of cancer than includes diatoms and star nurseries- YES I CAN SIR!
Synchronicity is perhaps nothing more than quiet perception—seeing a multi-layered view of my experiences as a grand collaboration with DUST! What pattern, what beauty. I see the stardust falling on our earth sinking alive as diatom as particle cancer within the human-genenome , the cracks of space between all atoms surely big enough for a little stardust to fall through. Everyone knows right? The diatom- smallest creatures in the sea- feed the largest ones, and the whale resonates- magnetic resonating images to come!

nasa_supernova_pia11435star 2

Brian May Lead guitarist of British Rock band: QUEEN-

- On His Physics Dissertation"It's a study of dust. As simple as that. Dust, in this case, in the solar system. We're actually surrounded by it. The earth moves through a cloud of dust constantly and a lot of it comes down to Earth. My experiment was trying to figure out the motion of that dust. Where it's going, what it's doing, where it came from and what it means in terms of the creation of the solar system."


Joni Mitchell: "We are stardust, billion year old carbon…caught in a devil's bargain, and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden…"

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