Friday, February 18, 2011

Do phases of Moon effect cancer surgery outcomes?

Very interesting idea and one I'm really glad to see has been investigated-check it out- I'm not giving away the cat!

Last night i stood nearly naked in a white satin nightgown over long sleeved white sleeping shirt in the middle of the garden 2:30 AM soaking in the white light white heat of the nearest to FULL moon, moon- the ceiling of sky pale was etched with waxy moon-white. No sounds, no movements along any streets- the hum of any car silenced for the spell in the garden-
even the stars giving way to the spill of night's perfect egg of light. Me and the BLACK cat, in moon worship heeding the new directives on my Wolf card from the medicine pack at Natalie's sanctuary. This moon is happy- did you look? gleefully reigning with her Athena-inspired smile. &
I'm still awake since that moment, and now it's 2:11 PM, I'm contemplating a moon-shade nap, but, before that, be advised the NEXT FULL moon is the last night of Winter! Spring Equinox March 20. I wonder what kind of moon rhythms might relate to the infusions of cancer killing chemicals — the plateau of waxing the trough of waning!

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Carleen Brice said...

I saw the moon last night too. Nice to think of all us under it, safe.