Thursday, February 10, 2011

girls- get your mammies checked out

if the shoe fits- and Mine doeslink to news-worthy breast cancer report

even tho 14 nodes were exhumed last week, and only one positive the fact C had traveled to any node at all is significant-
90% of cases in the study and which mirror my statistics (not necessarily my C) had a 5+ year survival rate-

5 years- enough time to do ANYTHING at all, and the rest is groovy-

Two night ago I had this dream-

[a monk in maroon robe and short black hair is sitting on the steps below the lotus thrones of the celestial buddhas. The monk seems to have been in quiet conversation with the buddhas kind of a business-like meeting quality to the scene- The monk says: " Oh and i wanted you to be sure to know that Elizabeth Lahey has been going through a trying time." The Celestial Buddhas answer: "Oh Yes, she is right here on our list!! ]

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