Tuesday, February 1, 2011

LIFT and SEPARATE Surgery at 2-4 pm- details

Leaving at 11:30 this morning to begin this amazing ride! Lifted by so much LOVE just sending it out and out and all around- Thank you each for being with me and F, X, and A.
I'll be posting again soon-

Lifting and Separating a whole new meaning!
embraces to all- e


elizabeth said...

Be sure to look at my January posts and the comments- if you're just getting my news and want more coverage!

Anonymous said...


Abbie said...

Sending love from NY!

Meredith said...

dearest e
all day breathing alongside you, with so many other friends, family, clouds, beings, pine trees, wild sea waves, may your recovery be swift and your healing complete you are very loved!

clra8 said...

sending and breathing deep blue horse love all around you and F and X and A..
I want to share this that came screaming forth into my head when I heard today of your surgery - while knowing and feeling deeply something with you all yesterday through and through..OH I LOVE YOU SO
this Kenneth Patchen poem

Folly of Clown
Come laughing when the wind
Has blown a hole
In the world
See the moving sparkle covers

Such chits as orchards

Thrones and caravansaries
Blackened eye-sockets above the grit
And silt of destinies
O come here laughing anyway

And let your head

Be daft
With sun and glitter of
Naked beside the waters
As in pallid sand life's
Statues sleep
Tattered arm wave's up!

School keep or not

brozeke said...

Elizabeth and the Wolf.........

Wolf is associated with the lunar influences and energies that rule psychic perception. They teach us to respect our emotions and face the darkness within.

The wolf is ritualistic. It knows the importance of regular lunar howling ceremonies and daily social rituals designed to communicate needs and express feelings. The message of your wolf spirit may be to honor the forces of spirituality and connect with the life forces of Mother Earth.