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Knit 1 • Pearl 2— no sweat

search google image 620326 #1
search google image 620326 #2 note date Feb., 2

Jan.31, 2011 black & blue

º In addition to any pre-ramble—I will be posting detailed comments under these two headers each time I write a new page:  
Knit 1 • Pearl 2
  • KNIT 1THE PHYSICAL PLANE, Actual healing — nitty gritty weirdly pretty- measurements, procedures, weights, body memory, any thing about the adjustments in my body— an on-going personalized almanac concerning the research, the doctors, medical conversations, the stats etc. Some readers are keenly interested in how the cancer manifests and the changes based on new information becoming available; stuff about the science or medical approaches— I suppose as a way to have a vicarious relationship with cancer at safe distances- {ARMS length if you will}…I also need, in a very basic, grounded way to register and have documentation so I can recall the many gross observations and finer nuanced sensations of this wondrous body-electric.
  • PEARL 2THE METAPHYSICAL PLANE, and what is gleaned — witty giddy sometimes pithy anecdotal memoir-style discoveries of selfless-determinations based on the knitting of my body as it relates to the diamond body of wisdom and greater universal understanding. Newly discovered capacity for even greater compassion which each of us yearns for, learns of, practices. Here is the space for image, lore, sutra/sutures, and serendipitous and or oblique encounters between the two planes.
Knit 1- Pathology report read Wednesday 2PM sitting in bed still very cold outside - I get up each day and dress- I do not sleep in my day clothes or stay wakeful in my pajamas. I feel this helps me to regulate my normal routine and helps me move into health quicker - it is also a way for me to exercise my left arm which feels the size of a telephone pole, but eyes not deceiving- looks almost exactly the same size as my right in the mirror. Pathology report: 
  • Quoted: "Received fresh in a container labeled "Elizabeth Lahey, left breast" is a 1,030 gram (2.27 lbs.) breast that is oriented with a short suture at the superior margin and a long suture at the lateral margin. The specimen measures as follows: Breast, 20 x 20 x 4.5 cm. All margins are intact and inked as follows: Superior/anterior, blue; inferior/anterior. green; deep, black. Sectioning shows a firm pink-tan nodule at the 2:00 position and 3 cm from the nipple, 1.0 x 0.8 x 5 cm. This nodule has ill-defined borders that come within 2 cm of the deep margin and 2.2 cm of the overlying skin. At the 12:00 position and 5 cm from the nipple is an area of dense gray-white tissue, 5.2 x 3.1 x 2.4 cm. This area has a pink-tan, granular appearance and a .05 cm biopsy site is identified. All gross margins are > 1 cm for both the 2:00 and 12:00 tumors. A discrete tumor is not grossly identified. The remaining cut surface shows dense gray-white parenchyma admixed with yellow-tan adipose tissue."
PEARL 2- The atomic weight (a dimensionless physical quantity aka: [the ratio of the average mass of atoms of an element (from a given source) to 1/12 of the mass of an atom of carbon-12]), of said breast defined above is: 6.203e+26 . Six point two zero three e + two six—

  • So I do a google image search on the number 620326 and add the words NASA- because remember I'm also looking at star nurseries and diatoms- my breast cancer is NOT the only thing on my RADAR!- Ha! Look what is tho!!??:  ∞∞∞  results- small page of few random images, mostly model airplane kinds of stuff- BUT, two strange images catch my eye [see above] 
  • I click on the lima/white jpeg, and what starts to instantly download is a NSID report for January 31, 2011. This document turns out to be a 304 page PDF table of all the unidentified flying objects reported to NASA, and it is dated within the 24 hour period of my pathology report 2.1.2011- as Bugs Bunny would say: "I bet you meet some vaaaaaaaarrrrrryyyyyyy innnnntttterrresting monsters……"! I think, HA! this is a lot more fun. Humor is so healing. GLEANING, an ability to look at things from many perspectives means, flexibility, curiosity, and discovery, can lead to wonder and joy - Joy and Wonder in the face of loss is very healthy wholesome.
  • So- Enjoy! any one who would like a copy of the ufo-report, you know where to find me!, it's really cute with wonderfully imaginative descriptions like the following listed sightings which are, yep, both # 620326: 
  • 620326
    Ramstein AFB
    West Germany
    thin, cylindrical object fly at an estimated Mach 2.7 
    6-8 red balls, arranged in a rectangular formation become 2

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